IOOF Pursuit Focus Pension

A simple, cost effective solution to help you control, manage and maximise your superannuation savings in retirement

Features and benefits

  • Simple, low cost and transparent fees allow you to manage your retirement savings cost-effectively.
  • An easy and convenient way to turn part or all of your superannuation savings into a regular income stream in retirement.
  • Access to IOOF’s highly-regarded multi-manager funds, including IOOF MultiSeries and IOOF MultiMix.
  • Switchability allows you to move between similar products in the IOOF Pursuit range as your investment needs change (conditions apply).
  • You can track your investment online via IOOF's portfolio management tool, Portfolio Online.

Key features

Highly-regarded multi-manager funds

You can choose investments from two multi-manager fund ranges – IOOF MultiSeries and IOOF MultiMix. Both ranges offer broad diversification and a different level of active management.

  • IOOF MultiSeries is a range of four predominantly active multi-manager funds designed for investors who are prepared to forgo some active exposure in order to reduce fees.
  • IOOF MultiMix is a range of nine fully-active multi-manager funds designed to generate above-market returns.

Learn more about our multi-manager funds

Simple and transparent fee structure

The fee structure is simple and transparent.

All fees and transactions, including pension payments and investment income are managed through the Cash Account. This makes it easy for you to track the movement in your account.

IOOF Pursuit Focus also offers a number of ways to keep costs down:

  • competitive tiered pricing structure and capped administration fees.
  • no contribution, transaction, establishment or withdrawal fees.


You can easily transition to our more comprehensive investment solution, IOOF Pursuit Select Allocated Pension, if your investment needs become more complex.

This can be done without having to sell assets due to IOOF Pursuit’s Smart Trust structure. This means transitions take less time to complete and do not trigger a capital gains tax event or incur buy/sell costs.

Online portal

Portfolio Online is a user-friendly website that allows you to view your Pursuit account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Portfolio Online you can:

  • view a consolidated report of your account
  • generate up-to-date portfolio summary, asset allocation, fund performance and transaction reports
  • view and track all transactions placed by your financial adviser
  • view and download statements and letters.

Find out more about Portfolio Online