Getting the basics in order

We can help you build your financial foundations so you can reach your goals

Your financial goals are unique so you’ll need a tailored plan to achieve them. When you first meet a financial adviser one of the discussions will be about defining your goals.

A common mistake people make is believing that financial planning is only about maximising the amount of money they have when they retire – but that’s not correct because while money can certainly help fulfil your goals, simply having more money is not the goal in itself.

Regardless of your goals it’s important to get the basics right so you can lay solid foundations that enable you to move towards your goals.

In the section below, read our suggestions so you can start to take control of your finances and begin your journey towards your goals.

Getting the basics in order involves:

Building your savings and setting a budget are very important steps you need to take so you can achieve your financial goals.

Other than property, super is likely to grow into your largest asset. So given its importance you should devote some thought and time to make sure it is working well for you.

Goals can take many forms but try to be specific because vague goals like ‘I want to be rich’ are unlikely to provide you with the detail you need to create a financial plan to achieve them.

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