Coping with sickness and injury

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst

We can help you understand how you should protect your family if you become sick or are injured

Apart from the emotional strain your sickness or injury would cause to your family you should consider the financial impact. You may be off work for some time so how would you continue to pay rent, bills or school fees?

The best way to protect your family is to make sure you are properly insured. You may have insurance in your super – but is it enough and does it cover what you need it to?

Your financial adviser can look at what insurance cover you currently have and whether it’s suitable. They can then suggest changes to your insurance cover that will better suit your needs.

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Coping with sickness or injury:

We can help you protect your financial security and your family’s if you become sick or are injured.

As family units now tend to be more spread out across the country it’s harder than it used to be to ask a grandparent or other relative to help care for your children or partner if they are sick.

Unless you have insurance or a large amount of savings then you will probably struggle to pay your living expenses and would face financial hardship.

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