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Get money wise with our educational tools and resources to help you reach your financial goals. You can also stay informed with our latest company insights and announcements.

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Money talk can be hard to get your head around and harder still to turn new ideas about money into better habits and choices.

This education resource is delivered by IOOF professionals and experienced financial advisers to help you get on top of things like super, budgeting and investing. 

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Super news and updates

Get the latest views on retirement, super and financial news here.


News | 21 Mar 2023

FY22 Annual Members' Meeting

We covered your super fund’s performance, how we’re improving member engagement, our approach to sustainable investing and answering your questions.

News | 06 Mar 2023

How to help grow your money through compound interest

Earning interest on interest: learn how the power of compounding can send your savings rocketing.

News | 06 Mar 2023

7 Tips for Super Savvy Women

Here are 7 super-savvy tips that can help close the financial gap for a more secure future. #IWD2023 #CrackingTheCode

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