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IOOF Pension

Seamlessly transfer from super to pension with a solution that can help make your retirement dreams a reality.

Features and benefits:

  • Simple and transparent fees
  • A wide range of investments
  • Online access

Expand Essential Pension

The easiest way to move from super to pension payments, with a key focus on minimising all unnecessary cost.

Features and benefits:

  • Simplified investment menu
  • Simple, low cost fee structure
  • Lifetime solution

Expand Extra Pension

Make the most out of life – do it on your terms.

Features and benefits:

  • Create unique, diversified portfolios
  • Broad range of investment options
  • Managed Portfolio Service (MPS*) 
  • Flexible pension payments
  • True lifetime solution 
  • Competitive and transparent fees

Note: MPS is only available to financial advisers from approved licensees.