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How to get your super sorted

Why is super so important? It could be the biggest savings balance you’ll ever have. And that makes it something to get excited about and get organised. 

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Watch (3 minutes)

Show your super some love

When you care about something, it's easier to take action. Self-employed Financial Adviser Michelle, tells us why there's 'feel good' factor to getting your super sorted. 

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Make time for your money

As you race through the days, weeks and months, the to-do list keeps getting longer. Your super is growing too, little by little as you keep earning. So why take time out from your busy life to get it sorted? And what is there to sort out anyway? 

As a savings pool your employer pays into, your super can add up to thousands of dollars in just a few years. But like any sum of money, if you don’t know where it is or how it’s being looked after it won’t be doing as much for you as it could be.

A little admin goes a long way

Tackle these six key admin tasks and you can sit back feeling satisfied that your super balance is heading in the right direction. Plus, you’ll have everything in order in case life takes an unexpected turn.

  1. Get online access – to keep tabs on your super and to help you with steps 2 through 6. Register online

  2. Track it all down – getting super together can help you save more. Learn more

  3. Choose who gets your super if you die – you get to decide who you’d prefer your super is paid to if you die. Learn more

  4. Save a little extra – boost your super, now and in the future, with extra payments. Learn more

  5. Check your insurance – most people have some insurance cover through super. Learn more

  6. Check your investments – it’s your money so you get to choose how to invest it. Learn more

Check out our Get your super sorted checklist for more on the six steps.

How often should I be doing this?

You’ll only need to do steps one and two at the beginning.

For the rest of the list, financial adviser Michelle, suggests treating super like you would your car. Checking in once a year is usually enough to keep things running smoothly.

Your annual check-in gives you a chance to make sure that your super is doing just what you need it to do – keep growing into a healthy sum of money to see you through retirement.

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Checklist - Get your super sorted in 6 steps

Our checklist makes your super admin as easy as 1, 2, 3 – with another 3 steps added in for good measure.


How many steps are there to get your super sorted?

Did you know?

Super funds make decisions in the best interests of members. Following our 6 steps helps you work in partnership with your fund to get your super settings right for you.

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