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How to find your super

Knowing how much super you’ve got starts with tracking it all down. You might have more than one account on the go and you don’t want miss to out on your money. 

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Keep tabs on your super

Having your super all in one place can make a big difference to your savings. Gen from the IOOF team tells us how to make sure you're not leaving any super behind.

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Missing out on your money? 

It’s pretty common to have more than one super account on the go. In fact, the ATO says most Australians have multiple accounts. If you’re one of them you could be missing out on lost or unclaimed super and paying more than you need to in fees. 

Is it a problem to have more than one super fund? 

Just like bank accounts and credit cards, a super fund charges fees for looking after your money. So, if you have more than one account, you’re paying more in fees than you really need to. Even if that’s just $5 a month, that’s $120 every year and perhaps thousands of dollars by the time you retire. 

You might also have an insurance policy you’re paying for through each super fund. That’s even more money from your super that’s going towards multiple policies when you may only need one to give you a level of cover that suits your situation.

This is why it makes sense to have one super fund and stick with it when you change jobs

Less is more – learn the four reasons why it’s good to keep super in one account

How do I track it all down?

If you have an IOOF Employer or Personal Super account account we can do the detective work for you. You can register with us online and give us your consent to check for other accounts held in your name. We’ll come back to you with details on your other super accounts and how much is in each one. This includes any lost or unclaimed super the ATO is holding on your behalf.

How do I bring it all together?

Getting all your super savings into one account is easy. We call this consolidation and to bring all your super into your IOOF Employer or Personal Super account you just need to give us the green light and we’ll take care of it. No forms to fill in, just access your account with us online, verify your identity (if you haven’t already), run a super search and tell us which accounts you’d like to bring across.

Get all your super together with IOOF.

Less is more: why one super account is all you need

Super can be simpler and save you more when everything is in one place.

Discover four reasons why it makes sense to keep it all in a single account.

Let’s say you have three different accounts and pay $5 per month in fees on each one. That means you're paying $180 in fees every year instead of just $60.
You may have insurance policies you’re paying for through each super account. That’s even more money you’re paying for something you might not need.
Knowing how much super you’ve got and how fast it’s growing is far easier when you only have one account balance to keep track of.
There’s always a little admin involved in looking after your super, but there’s a lot less when you only have one account. 

What is NOT a reason to search for extra super accounts ...

Did you know?

It’s worth tracking super down because you could be paying extra in fees and insurance and there might be super waiting to surprise you in accounts you don’t know about.  

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