Types of financial advice

The right advice for you, when you need it

At IOOF, we understand everyone is on a different financial journey. Your financial goals and aspirations are unique, and the advice you receive should be too.

Whether it’s a simple question about your super or a complex financial issue, we’re here to help you achieve your best possible financial outcome.

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Our team of Financial Coaches provide general advice related to your super, at no additional cost. The service offers general advice on a wide range of financial topics that can help you better understand super, and how to make informed decisions to help you maximise your retirement savings.

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Our Financial Coaches can help you stay on track

Speak to our team to learn about topics that most members find helpful when it comes to deciding what, if anything, they should do with their super:

  • How to boost super balances
  • Understand how super is invested and the options available
  • Find out more about preparing for retirement
  • Know the different types of insurance available

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Getting expert help at no additional cost is all part of being with IOOF.

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Comprehensive financial advice involves a complete view of your personal situation and financial goals. Your adviser will work with you to create a plan and strategies to help you achieve your desired outcome. Your adviser can also offer continued support as you transition through the different stages of your financial journey.

Every financial plan and its level of complexity will be different, fees can vary. If you wish to proceed with a plan your adviser will explain all upfront and any ongoing fees and costs prior to your agreement to proceed.

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Comprehensive advice should be considered if you:

  • Have a complex financial matter requiring detailed planning.
  • Require ongoing personal advice.
  • Have financial planning needs that include the situation of a partner or spouse.
  • Are considering retirement and would like an investment strategy to help you retire comfortably.
  • Need advice on insurance outside of your super.
  • Need advice on complex investment strategies, options, and plans outside of super.
  • Require estate planning.

To help you decide if comprehensive advice is right for you, the first step is to speak to our Financial Coaching team for a no-obligation discussion, at no additional cost.

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