IOOF WealthBuilder

Tax-effective, flexible and accessible

With the IOOF WealthBuilder investment bond, you can have the tax-effectiveness you need together with the flexibility and accessibility that you want

Features and benefits

  • Tax effective
  • Suitable for a wide range of investment needs
  • Low investment minimums / flexibility
  • Loan facility
  • Access your money whenever you want it

A market-leading investment bond

The IOOF WealthBuilder investment bond is one of the leading investment bonds available today – and it has led the way since 1981.

Not only does it provide investors with a genuine solution for a wide range of investment needs, it also boasts a great range of investment options and product features together with competitive fees.

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Why invest in IOOF WealthBuilder?

Tax effective

An investment bond is a ‘tax paid’ investment.

This means that the tax on investment earnings are paid by the bond issuer at the current company tax rate of 30 per cent and after ten years from the start date, the investment is free of personal income tax in the hands of the investor.1

  • It's tax paid while invested, so there is no personal assessable income.
  • Withdrawals made after the ten year tax period are free of personal income tax.
  • If the investment is withdrawn within the ten year tax period, investors get a rebate for the tax already paid within the investment bond.
  • Franked dividends reduce the amount of tax paid within the investment bond.
  • Benefit from no personal capital gains tax upon withdrawal, or when switching between investment options.

1 Ten year period is defined as the end of the tenth year from the start date for tax purposes. This may be different to the initial investment date.

Suitable for a wide range of investment needs

It can be used for a wide range of investment strategies including tax management, wealth accumulation, early retirement and estate planning.

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Comprehensive range of investment options

IOOF WealthBuilder offers investors a comprehensive range of investment options to cater for different needs.

These options give you access to leading fund managers.

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Low minimums

IOOF WealthBuilder has low investment minimums, making it possible for you to set up different bonds to suit different investment strategies. You can choose to open an IOOF WealthBuilder account with either:

  • a one-off lump sum, or
  • a regular savings plan.

With a regular savings plan, you don't have to wait until you have a huge lump sum to start saving for that great family holiday, special occasion or for their kids.

Initial investment Initial investment with a regular savings plan Additional investment Additional investment with a regular savings plan Switch/
Regular withdrawal
Per Account $2,000 $500 $500 $100 $500 $200
Per Fund $500 $500 $500 $100 $500 -

Flexibility and accessibility

IOOF WealthBuilder’s features give you unparalleled flexibility when it comes to contributing or withdrawing your money. You can:

  • invest using BPAY®, cheque or through a regular savings plan
  • use the regular savings automatic increase facility – this increases the regular savings investment amount each year in line with the maximum investment you can make under the 125 per cent rule – to maximise your  savings and the tax benefits
  • access your money whenever it’s needed – either through a one-off withdrawal request or through the regular withdrawal facility.

Accelerate earnings potential with the loan facility

You can borrow additional money to invest in IOOF WealthBuilder through the IOOF loan facility. This can be a very effective tool to accelerate your potential earnings.

The IOOF loan facility allows you to access an interest-only investment loan using your IOOF WealthBuilder investment as security. As with all loans, the capacity to borrow is based on the balance of the investment and the underlying assets.

Some other great features of the IOOF loan facility:

  • there are currently no loan fees (establishment or ongoing) or stamp duty relating to the loan
  • you repay the principal a specific point in time – for example when you withdraw your IOOF WealthBuilder investment.

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125 per cent rule

There are limits on the maximum additional investments that can be made to an investment bond, such as IOOF WealthBuilder, each year. After the first year, the maximum you can invest in any one year is 125 per cent of your investment in the previous year without restarting the ten year tax period.

This is commonly referred to as the ‘125 per cent rule’ and is based upon the bonds anniversary date. For more information please see the IOOF WealthBuilder PDS.

How to invest

If you would like to invest in IOOF WealthBuilder you must read the IOOF WealthBuilder Product Disclosure Statement and complete the relevant application forms.

Before investing, we recommend you speak to your financial adviser. If you don’t have a financial adviser, we can help you find one.

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