Expand Essential Investment

Grow your potential while keeping it simple

Streamline your investment decisions and make growing your account the rewarding experience it should be

Features and benefits

  • Simplified investment menu with 22 Multi-Manager Investment options
  • Simple, low cost fee structure
  • View and manage your account 24/7 with Expand Online

Investing doesn’t need to be hard. Expand Essential Investment account is designed to smooth your decision process while maximising your account’s performance under our manager-led investment approach.

Why choose Expand Essential Investment?

Expand Essential Investment makes it easy to grow your account with a selection of ready-made portfolios to choose from using our Multi-Manager Investment approach. This approach:

  • combines our ‘best of breed’ investment managers in a single blended portfolio that suits your investment objectives
  • simplifies the investment selection process
  • lets you access a range of investment options including those diversified across different asset classes, fund managers and investment styles
  • applies an investment approach that matches your preferences with a single selection
  • offers 22 Multi-Manager Investment options to choose from.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from applying the expertise of our investment professionals. Incorporating the latest in investment, strategic and economic information, we are dedicated to identifying, blending and managing the best specialist fund managers to minimise your risk and maximise returns.

Enjoy low administration and account keeping fees with a simple and completely transparent fee structure. Avoid paying for anything you don’t need, without making any compromises on value.

As part of our dedication to low fees, you also pay no contribution, transaction, establishment or withdrawal fees. All fees except indirect costs are paid from your Cash Account, so it’s easy for you to see exactly what is being charged at any time.

Expand Online and our app allows you to view your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Expand Online and our app you can:

  • update your personal details
  • generate comprehensive reports of your account performance
  • view and track all transactions including those placed by your financial adviser
  • view and download statements and letters
  • update your beneficiary nomination.

Enjoy sophisticated security features to keep your account safe yet convenient, including single sign-on access to multiple accounts using the same email address.

Begin your journey with Expand Essential Investment

For more information on how you can get started with your own Expand Essential Investment account, please contact your financial adviser or find one near you.

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