When priorities change

Make sure you’re prepared for change

We can help you manage the financial aspects of getting married, having children, divorce and redundancy

Life rarely proceeds in a straight line so it’s likely your financial goals may change when your priorities do.

If you decide to have children you need to think about whether this will cause your income, or your partners, to fall for a period as you care for them. This will affect any savings plans you may have had.

A divorce is obviously a very emotional time, but have you considered how your financial situation will be affected?

By keeping your financial adviser informed of changes in your priorities they will be able to look at your new situation and suggest new strategies that help you achieve your goals.

In the section below you can read more about how changes to your priorities can affect you.

Dealing with your changing priorities:

Starting a family is one of the happiest moments of your life but it also means you need to plan how you will protect them.

Redundancy is now more common as both employers and employees move away from a ‘job for life’ mentality.

Depending on your situation getting divorced can be very complicated - two lives that were bound together need to be separated. Working out how to deal with children and your assets can be painful and sometimes drawn-out.

A blended family is the term for a family where the children have different parents but all live together.

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