Responsible Investment

We aim to invest your money in a responsible way.

IOOF’s long history provides many examples of positive contributions to individuals and communities. This dedication continues today as we increase our focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) action at a corporate level. 

We recognise that if we’re to succeed as a business, we must carefully consider the sustainability of the environment and communities in which we operate - ESG targets are a key pillar in our corporate strategy.

Across our superannuation and investment businesses we apply ESG principles through Responsible Investment. 

Responsible Investment means that we consider the following ESG factors, risks and opportunities in our investment process. This is important as it aligns to our goal of helping our clients to secure their financial future

Environmental (E) Social (S) Governance (G)
  • Climate impact including greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency
  • Air and water pollution
  • Water scarcity/ management
  • Biodiversity and site restoration 
  • Human Capital management
  • Employee relations and diversity
  • Working conditions, including occupational health and safety
  • Labour standards (including in the supply chain) 
  • Board structure, diversity and independence
  • Executive remuneration 
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Anti-competitive behaviour
  • Political lobbying and donations 



As a member of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA) and the Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) we look to drive deeper engagement with our industry peers as we collectively contribute to enhancing ESG impacts on investing.

Our beliefs*

Our investment beliefs are outlined in IOOF’s Responsible Investment Statement which describes the role Responsible Investment plays in the assessment, selection and monitoring process of our externally appointed managers. We consider that:

  • ESG factors can be a source of opportunity and risk in the management of investment portfolios
  • ESG factors assist in meeting long-term performance objectives
  • Proxy voting and company engagement can influence corporate behaviour.

How do we invest responsibly?* 

The Responsible Investment framework is supported by our asset consultants, working together to continually improve and strengthen our responsible investment disclosure and process. 

Engagement with our investment managers on ESG and climate change matters is key. Every six months, ESG scores and carbon intensity footprints are calculated on our underlying portfolios and the results are reported to the Investment Management Committee. We also undertake a risk assessment of our managers as part of our Modern Slavery policy and action plan.

Shareholders can influence a company's operations, corporate governance and socially responsible activities by voting. Proxy voting is where a vote is cast on behalf of a shareholder. While our proxy voting has been delegated to external managers, we assess voting polices as part of our broader due diligence framework and make sure that the approach considers both the best interests of investors, and our Responsible Investment Principles. Read our Proxy Voting Standard for more information.  

In summary:

  • Key beliefs outlined in IOOF’s Responsible Investment Statement
  • ESG risks assessed in asset allocation and investment manager selection
  • Investment managers report on ESG activities every six months. This includes how they’ve engaged with companies, and proxy voting actions
  • Our approach to voting and how we’ve voted is outlined in our Proxy Voting Standard
  • A Modern Slavery policy and action plan is in place and all investment managers within our multi asset funds have been risk assessed.

Responsible Investment across the Insignia Financial Group

To find out more about Responsible Investment in IOOF’s superannuation business, (including IOOF Investment Management Limited) read our APRA Regulated Entity Responsible Investment Policy.

For more information about Responsible Investment across Insignia Financial Group please visit the website.

* This applies to IOOF Investment Services Limited (IISL) where it acts as a Responsible Entity/trustee of a managed investment scheme.