IOOF Community Offer

At IOOF, we have been helping Australians secure their financial independence for over 170 years.

Living our purpose - understand me, look after me, secure my future, has meant looking after and delivering what matters to our clients, people and the wider community.

That’s why we are giving back and being true to our 170-year history, of taking care of Australians when they need it the most. The IOOF Community Offer supports everyday Australians who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, by making financial education and support easy to access and at no cost.

What is the IOOF Community Offer?

We are offering the following financial education and support including:

  • Financial education online hub – a dedicated website with a range of videos and online tools to give practical information to help you understand the Government benefits available to you and to help navigate your financial needs.

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