Q & A – Part year defined benefit income cap

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By William Truong, Technical Services Manager

Q: My client is receiving a defined benefit income stream. He turned age 60 on 31 March 2022. 

How is his income stream payments taxed? 

A: For the period before age 60, the defined benefit income stream is taxed at marginal tax rates with a 15% tax offset for the tax element (but no tax offset for any untaxed element). 

Once he turns age 60, he is entitled to a defined benefit income cap (currently it’s $106,250* – 2021/22) in respect to the income from the defined benefit income stream. 

If all the income from defined benefit is under this cap, then it’s subject to concessional taxation – according to this table below:

 Tax component From 1 July 2021
Tax free component

Tax- free up to the defined benefit income cap of $106,250* from 2021/22.

50 per cent of the pension income over this cap is taxed at normal MTR (with no tax offset)

Taxable component - taxed element
Taxable component - untaxed element Taxed at MTR less a 10% offset but the offset is limited to 10% of the pension payment to the extent that it falls within the defined benefit income cap of $106,250*.

* $106,250 = $1.7 m (general transfer balance cap) / 16.

However, as your client is turning age 60 during the year, they are only entitled to part of the $106,250 cap based on a proportional rule. The reduction is achieved by multiplying the following:

Defined benefit income cap 

1+ days remaining in the financial year

days in financial year 

Hence, your client’s reduced defined benefit income cap is $26,780 worked out as:

 $106,250 x (1+ 91 days remaining in the financial year) / 365

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