Expand Essential

Access to professionally constructed portfolios.

Powered by our proprietary technology, Expand Essential is a cost-effective solution that provides true diversification across multiple managers, investment styles and asset classes.

Expand Essential delivers cost-effective portfolio solutions through multi-manager funds. With funds dedicated to a particular asset class, as well diversified strategies for different risk profiles, these solutions present advisers and clients with a flexible, low-cost range of options for targeting outperformance.

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Products available through Expand Essential

Reasons to choose Expand Essential

  • 22 professionally constructed portfolios provide diversification across managers, investment styles and asset classes
  • Select from a comprehensive range of client reports
  • Create custom data sets to support client communication
  • Access business intelligence to inform operational and strategic decisions 
  • As a client’s wealth grows and their needs change, transition their accounts seamlessly from Expand Essential to Expand Extra
  • Clients view both Expand Essential and Expand Extra accounts in one convenient portal, meaning their online access won't be disrupted as they move between products
  • Through standing instruction functionality, efficiently rebalance portfolios, as well as manage deposits and income cash
  • Low administration and account keeping fees
  • Simple and transparent fee structure
  • A choice of some Australia’s leading life insurers; AIA, MLC Life Insurance, TAL or Zurich