IOOF Finance Choice

Terms and conditions

  1. This lucky draw competition is conducted by IOOF Finance Choice Pty Ltd (IOOF FC).
  2. The lucky draw prize is a non-cash redeemable voucher with a value of $5000.00 
  3. To be an eligible participant1,4 to enter you must be:
    1. an employee, or a friend or family member of an employee, of an Insignia Financial Limited (Insignia) Group company2; or 
    2. an employee, or a friend or family member of an employee, of: 
      1. an Insignia Australian Financial Services licensee (AFSL) corporate authorised representative or authorised representative; or 
      2. a member AFSL of the IOOF Alliances network or MLC Connect network.
    3. and:
      1. have applied for an owner occupier, residential property investment or construction loan through IOOF FC with a minimum loan value of $50,000; and
      2. the loan application is submitted between 01 August 2023 and 31 March 2024; and
      3. the loan settles by COB 30 April 20243.
  4. Eligible participants will be automatically entered into the draw. Entries will close 31 March 20244.
  5. An eligible participant with multiple applications or split loans during the competition period will only qualify for a single entry into the lucky draw. 
  6. If you do not wish to be entered into the draw, please email
  7. The draw will take place on 31 May 2024.
  8. The winner will be notified by email and/or telephone call by IOOF Finance Choice and the winner’s details will be published on Insignia’s HQ webpage, AdviserOne’s web page and IOOF Alliances’ web page.
  9. Employees who are part of the IOOF Finance Choice Lending Team are not permitted to enter the lucky draw competition.
  10. Terms and conditions are based on the minimum relevant competition law requirements.

1 Only Residents of Australia will be eligible to enter the lucky draw.
2 Excluding employees are who part of the IOOF Finance Choice Lending Team.
3 For construction loans settlement is not required in full, eligibility will occur where part of the loan has settled as a progress payment.
4 For an employee of an Insignia Group company or any employee referred to in 3.b above to remain an eligible participant, they must be employed by an Insignia Group company or their respective employer referred to in 3.b above at the time of the draw.