Super: it's your money

Retirement might feel like it’s a really long way away. But, the sooner you take an interest in your super, the greater the reward when you retire.

retirement jar

Our ‘Super: it’s your money’ Knowledge pod is part of Money Insights Central, our online education hub and will take you, or your child, through:

  • what super is and why you should care
  • how to read your super statement
  • how your life stage can affect your investment choices
  • how to search for lost super and the importance of consolidation
  • tips to boost your super.

It also covers some common scenarios, quizzes and includes links to further tools to help you take control of your super.

Access the ‘Super: it’s your money’ Knowledge pod and see how much you know about super by doing the online quiz.

Our other interactive Knowledge pods cover a range of financial topics such as learning about different types of investments and calculating risk.

To access, please log into your account and click on the Money Insights Central banner on the summary page.

Winner announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition by completing the Money Insights Central survey and providing your feedback.

The winner is Michael Ding from NSW. Michael has won a Sonos One smart speaker valued at $299! Congratulations Michael!