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MLC MultiSeries

MLC MultiSeries is a range of funds that are predominantly actively managed and offered at a lower cost when compared to other active funds.

It is suitable for clients who wants to access a blend of different asset classes through active and passive managers at a lower cost than our fully active solutions. 

MLC MultiSeries was formerly known as IOOF MultiSeries.

Highly recommended by Zenith and Recommended by Lonsec
Combination of active, factor and passive investments
Management costs* from 0.46% pa to 0.59% pa
Well diversified across asset classes, fund managers and investment styles
Choice of four multi-manager funds, each with a different level of exposure to growth assets
Targets above market returns after fees.

*Estimated management fees and costs, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for the relevant fund for more information. 

Tools and resources to help you explain the benefits of MLC MultiSeries to your clients.

MLC MultiActive

MLC MultiActive is a range of fully active multi-manager funds designed to provide broad diversification and generate above market returns.

It is suitable for clients who want a fully active multi-manager solution that targets outperformance through investment in a broad range of diversified including alternative strategies and asset allocation.

MLC MultiActive was formerly known as IOOF MultiMix. The range was extended to include MLC MultiActive High Growth, MLC MultiActive Geared and MLC MultiActive Property, which were formerly known as MLC Wholesale Horizon 6 Share Portfolio, MLC Wholesale Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio and Specialist Property Fund respectively.

Well rated, award winning multi-manager fund range 
Fully active
Targets outperformance after fees
Well diversified across all asset classes, fund managers and investment styles
Choice of 12 multi-manager funds (seven diversified and five sector funds).

Tools and resources to help you explain the benefits of MLC MultiActive to your clients.


On 30 November 2023, IOOF MultiMix and IOOF MultiSeries were renamed MLC MultiActive and MLC MultiSeries. Discover more here


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