Retail insurance

There’s certainly no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to insurance cover

Each of your clients has their own unique needs. With under insurance prevailing as a major issue facing Australians, it’s never been more important to find the right policy for the right client, funded in the right way.

Our panel of quality insurers, AIA Australia, MLC Life Insurance, TAL and Zurich, provide you and your clients with the freedom to choose the best policy and fund the premiums through their personal superannuation account.

Benefits of retail insurance

  • Greater certainty of stability of cover over the life of the policy. Retail Policies are guaranteed renewable meaning cover will be renewed to the client’s expiry age irrespective of changes to their health, employment pastimes or smoking status
  • Each insurer has its own features and benefits allowing you to tailor your clients’ cover specifically to their needs
  • Premiums are deducted from your clients’ cash accounts making cover simple, affordable and less likely to lapse.
  • Level premiums are available allowing premiums to be fixed at the age of the client when cover commences. While level premiums are initially more expensive than stepped premiums, clients with cover needs of more than 12 years will be better off in the long term.
  • Super-linked policies - cover that is split inside and outside of super giving clients’ greater peace of mind should a claim event not meet a superannuation condition of release.
  • The ability to super-link children’s cover (outside super) giving parents comfort that there will be a tax free lump sum to draw on should they need to take unpaid leave to care for and support a seriously ill child.


TAL is a leading life insurance specialist and for over 140 years, they've been protecting people, not things. Together with its partners, TAL protects more than 4 million Australians and their families, helping them look after what matters most so they have the freedom to keep living the life they planned. TAL's award-winning product range includes Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Business Expense Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance and Income Protection.

mlc life insurance.png

MLC Life Insurance has been protecting Australian lives for more than 135 years and is committed to caring for customers when it’s needed most. Backed by Nippon Life Group, one of the world’s leading life insurers, MLC Life Insurance has a proven track record in claims management and a suite of flexible, affordable, and innovative products. In addition, its industry-leading Vivo program offers customers holistic health, wellness and recovery support at no extra cost.


AIA Australia is an independent life insurance specialist with over 45 years of experience offering a range of products that protect the financial health and welfare of more than 3.3 million Australians. AIA Australia is committed to developing a range of products which are carefully designed to meet your client’s varying life insurance needs. Their products include Income Protection, Life Cover, Crisis Recovery and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD).


Zurich Australia is a member of the Zurich Insurance Group, a global insurance specialist and a household name locally and around the world. Globally we operate in over 170 markets and employ over 50,000 staff. Locally the Zurich brand has been in Australia since 1961 – Which demonstrates our long term commitment to the Australian market.

Our life insurance offering represents the biggest on sale range in the market today, with 3 distinct solutions for 3 different types of client; Our award winning, flagship Wealth Protection and Zurich Active.

For more information on the retail insurance available, please speak to your Business Development Manager.