IOOF Pursuit Select

Freedom to choose what’s right for you

A comprehensive platform that gives you the freedom to choose investments and insurance options that are right for you

Features and benefits

  • Wide investment menu
    • 300+ managed funds from both large and boutique fund managers
    • ASX 300 listed securities, including a range of exchange traded funds
    • Term deposits and fixed-term annuities
  • Choice of retail insurance from three leading insurers
  • Competitive fees
  • Tax effective features – You can switch between IOOF Pursuit products without triggering CGT or buy/sell costs

Why choose IOOF Pursuit Select

The wide range of investment options available through IOOF Pursuit Select allows you to tailor investment portfolios to your individual needs and goals.

You can choose from:

In addition to simple, yet effective group insurance from TAL, you can choose retail insurance from three quality, independent insurers:

  • AIA Australia Priority Protection
  • TAL Accelerated Protection
  • Zurich Wealth Protection.

Flexible insurance options available in super, out of super or a mixture of both, including death, total & permanent disablement and income protection.

In addition to competitive administration fees, IOOF Pursuit Select helps keep costs down in a number of ways:

  • no transaction fees
  • capped administration fees for balances above $2 million
  • fee aggregation for up to six accounts.

Limit the amount of administration fees you pay with fee aggregation. It enables you to treat up to six accounts as one for administration fee purposes. You can link multiple accounts for the same person, immediate family members (spouse, son, daughter, partner, father, mother, brother, sister, grandparent or grandchild) and in-laws of the immediate family.

Fee aggregation a fantastic way to potentially reduce the amount of administration fees you and your family pay.

Portfolio Online is a user-friendly website that allows you to view your IOOF Pursuit account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

With Portfolio Online you can:

  • view a consolidated report of your account
  • generate up-to-date portfolio summary, asset allocation, fund performance and transaction reports
  • view and track all transactions placed by your financial adviser
  • view and download statements and letters.