Self-managed super

Take the hassle out of do-it-yourself super

Access a suite of self-managed super fund solutions including the AET self-managed super fund (AET SMSF) and AET small APRA fund (SAF).

Features and Benefits

  • The AET SMSF is an end-to-end establishment, administration and reporting service that takes the hassle out of self-managed super. The AET SMSF solution is issued by Australian Executor Trustees Limited.
  • The AET small APRA fund gives you the freedom and flexibility of a SMSF without the burden of being trustee. IOOF Investment Management Limited is the issuer and acts as trustee for the AET small APRA funds.


The AET self-managed super fund (AET SMSF) gives you the flexibility to take control of your super investments but provides you with establishment, administration and compliance support.

Whether you have an existing fund or would like to establish a new one, the AET SMSF can help you with the four key elements of operating an SMSF:

  • Comprehensive fund establishment service
  • Daily, online administration
  • Transparent pricing
  • Complete end-of-year tax and audit services.

In simple terms, Australian Executor Trustees Limited administers your fund’s investments and super on a daily basis, and fulfils all your tax and audit requirements so you don’t have to rely on a number of service providers and receive fragmented and untimely information.

You can view all this information via one convenient online portal – AET My Portfolio.

Australian Executor Trustees Limited is part of the IOOF group.

AET small APRA fund

A small APRA fund (SAF) is a self-managed super fund with a professional trustee.

It offers all the freedom and flexibility of a self-managed super fund but without the associated trustee responsibilities and risk of compliance breaches. Instead, compliance obligations are passed on to a professional trustee.

The AET small APRA Fund (AET SAF), provides an investment and super administration service with a professional trustee. It gives you the simplicity of investment administration from one platform.

The trustee of the AET SAF is IOOF Investment Management Limited (IIML). As the trustee, IIML provides the fund establishment, asset and super administration and investment monitoring. The trustee also ensures that the fund meets all legislative requirements.

Because a SAF has an professional trustee, it can be a particularly useful tool for:

  • anyone who wants greater control of their super investments but without the trustee responsibilities
  • elderly people who are concerned about losing capacity
  • families caring for a relative with an intellectual disability
  • blended families
  • a disqualified person (who can be a member of a SAF but not an SMSF)
  • those moving or living overseas who can no longer be a trustee of an SMSF
  • estate planning strategies.
Understanding super

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