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To be one of the first to learn about Rhythm, and how it can help your business and your clients, contact us for access to recordings of our recent webinar series.

Webinar 1: Introducing Rhythm

30 August 2021

This webinar will walk you through Rhythm (Powered by HUB24) and its award-winning functionality. Learn about the new client application process, AdviserHub and powerful reporting functionality.

Webinar 2: Trading and tax optimisation

2 September 2021

A key feature of Rhythm is the trading and tax optimisation functionality which can deliver real value to clients – find out more in this webinar.

Webinar 3: Managed Portfolio Service

7 September 2021

Find out how you and your clients can benefit from the Managed Portfolio Service through Rhythm.

Rhythm powered by HUB24 Rhythm powered by HUB24

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