IOOF eXpand Pension

Do it on your terms

eXpand Pension makes keeping on top of your money easy with our convenient online portal, flexible payments, tax-free transfers from eXpand Super, and more

Features and benefits

  • Broad range of investment options:
    • Over 400 managed investments
    • Term deposits and fixed-term annuities
    • Managed Portfolio Service (MPS*) – a managed discretionary account service that provides access to professionally managed models
    • The majority of shares in the ASX300
  • Flexible pension payments 
  • True lifetime solution – transition from eXpand Super simply and easily
  • Competitive and transparent fees and fee aggregation

*Note: MPS is only available to financial advisers from approved licensees. 

Why choose eXpand Pension?

eXpand Pension's extensive investment menu offers over 400 managed investments, a selection of term deposits and fixed-term annuities and the majority of shares in the ASX 300, allowing your adviser to design a unique portfolio that is tailored to your personal financial objectives now and into the future.

Have control of your pension payments. eXpand Pension’s flexible pension payment frequency and options allows you to access your funds when you need to.

Lifetime super solution allows you to tax-effectively transition from eXpand Super to eXpand Pension simply and easily.

With eXpand Pension you can securely manage and update your account at a time that’s convenient for you. eXpand Online lets you securely view, manage and update your account from anywhere at any time.

We know that fees are important to you to preserve the life of your pension fund. eXpand Pension offers competitive fees to all our members, making your money go further.

Do your immediate family members have an eXpand account? eXpand allows you to link your family accounts, which may lead to big savings on administration fees.