We all have something precious to leave behind

Regardless of your age or personal circumstances we all have something to leave behind. Take care of what matters most to you in two easy steps.

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Step 1 – Nominate your beneficiaries

Unlike directly-owned property or shares, super doesn’t automatically form a part of your estate if you pass away. Instead, your super benefits are paid out under the rules of the super fund. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you’ve nominated your beneficiaries.

There are restrictions on who you can nominate to receive your super – they must be a spouse, your children or someone who is financially dependent on you. A good alternative is to nominate someone to be your legal personal representative, who will distribute your super according to your Will. Read more

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Step 2 – Create a Will for just $25

Regardless of your age or financial position, a Will is essential. Whether it is your treasured possessions, arrangements for your children or pets, or a gift to charity, we all have something to leave behind. Without one, your assets will be distributed according to a strict legislative formula.

Easywill – a simple online solution

Easywill allows you to quickly and easily make a  valid Will online. In just 25 minutes you can be rest assured that your loved ones and precious assets are looked after.

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Easywill is provided by the trustee division of IOOF, Australian Executor Trustees (AET).

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