Committed to your best interests

At IOOF, you - our members, come first.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that, as part of our ongoing commitment to best practice in governance, we have recently established ‘The Office of the Superannuation Trustee’ (OST).

In essence, the OST is an independent function that is designed to support IOOF’s Superannuation Trustee boards, which comprise a majority of independent non-executive directors, and their committees.

The OST Team is a dedicated group of superannuation and financial services professionals with considerable knowledge and experience across legal, risk, compliance, audit and innovation. The Trustee boards and the OST work together to ensure we continue to act in your best interests, taking care of your superannuation and long-term needs.

We are confident that this new OST function helps to provide further support and comfort for our members amid a complex and dynamic financial services landscape.