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To combine your super from another provider, complete and return our 'Request to Transfer form'.

Your selection of investment options inside super can have a big impact on your super balance in the years ahead. Make sure you’re on top of what options you’re invested in and consider if they are still in line with your goals and appetite for risk.

To see how your super is invested in, log in and go to the investments tab.

View the full range of investment options for:

To view the performance history of your investment option(s) see our Performance Report. For current term deposit interest rates, unit price history and distribution details visit our website.

Log in and go to the insurance tab to check your insurance. You can tailor your insurance to suit your current needs. To help, there’s an ‘Insurance needs calculator’ that will show you how much cover you might need.

If you would like to change your insurance, you can access the forms on the insurance tab.

Read about the options available to you.

Super remains one of the best ways to save for your retirement due to the tax concessions it offers. However, relying solely on your employer’s super guarantee contributions may not be enough for later in life. By contributing extra money to your super, you may be able to take advantage of tax concessions and grow your super faster.

To make a contribution:

  • Log in
  • Get your BPay details from the ‘Account details’ tab. Your BPay details are listed under ‘Contributions and consolidations’. There is no minimum amount you need to contribute.

Find out more about making contributions and what limits apply.

While a Will states how you would like your hard-earned assets to be distributed, it doesn’t automatically include your super. That’s because, unlike directly owned property or shares, super doesn’t necessarily form a part of your estate. The super fund trustee will distribute it in accordance with super law and the fund’s trust deed and those decisions may not be what you had in mind.

Find out more about nominating your beneficiaries or read our recent talkingsuper article.

To nominate your beneficiaries complete either a ‘Binding Death Benefit Nomination’ or ‘Non-Binding Death Benefit Nomination’ form available from our website.

If you have an existing nomination in place, you can view, amend or cancel it any time online. Simply log into your account and go to the Beneficiaries tab.

Your spouse and immediate family members (parents, children and in-laws) can enjoy the same benefits as you by opening up their own IOOF account.

If you have an IOOF Employer Super account, your employer may have negotiated special discounted fees, which will apply to your family. To find out more, contact your adviser or our Client Services Team. To apply for an account for your family member, complete this form.

If you have an IOOF Personal Super or IOOF Pension account, family fee aggregation is available to help limit the amount of administration fees you pay. Conditions apply so please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement, speak to financial adviser or contact our Client Services Team.

Getting your finances in order can be complex so we suggest you seek help by speaking with a financial adviser before making any decisions about your financial future. Here’s how financial advice can help you.

If you don’t have an adviser, we can put you in touch with one. For more information, speak with our IOOF Education and Advice Team on 1800 119 062.

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