IOOF Pursuit Focus Investment Service

Make the most of your money

A convenient all-in-one investment platform that gives you access to a range of quality multi-manager options

Features and benefits

  • Low-cost investment solution
  • Access to IOOF’s highly-regarded multi-manager funds, including IOOF MultiSeries and IOOF MultiMix.
  • Choice of margin lenders
  • Access to your investment online via IOOF’s portfolio management tool, Portfolio Online

Key features

Highly-regarded multi-manager funds

You can choose investments from two multi-manager fund ranges – IOOF MultiSeries and IOOF MultiMix. Both ranges offer broad diversification and a different level of active management.

  • IOOF MultiSeries is a range of four predominantly active multi-manager funds designed for investors who are prepared to forgo some active exposure in order to reduce fees.
  • IOOF MultiMix is a range of nine fully-active multi-manager funds designed to generate above-market returns.

Learn more about our multi-manager funds

Low-cost investment solution

IOOF Pursuit Focus Investment Service also offers a number of ways to keep costs down:

  • Competitive tiered pricing structure and capped Administration Fees.
  • No contribution, transaction, establishment or withdrawal fees.

Online portal

Portfolio Online is a user-friendly website that allows you to view your Pursuit account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Portfolio Online you can:

  • view a consolidated report of your account
  • generate up-to-date portfolio summary, asset allocation, fund performance and transaction reports
  • view and track all transactions placed by your financial adviser
  • view and download statements and letters.

Find out more about Portfolio Online