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We have a series of videos for you to view regarding our IOOF WealthBuilder investment bond

IOOF WealthBuilder at ABDO

Learn why advisers are turning to investment bonds for their clients' wealth accumulation needs.


What is an investment bond?

Widely used today

Investment bonds are being used more widely today.

Key benefits

Tax effective, accessible and flexible.

Withdrawal rules

Explains the implications of withdrawal over different time periods.

The 125% rule

Understanding the rules for making additional investments.

Saving for kids

Investment bonds are commonly used for education expenses.

Message to clients

Sue speaks directly to clients and encourages financial advice.


Explaining some of the ways investment bonds are used.

Intro to bonds

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What is an investment bond?

Who should invest?

This video outlines what type of investors would benefit from investment bonds.

IOOF WealthBuilder

Find out about IOOF WealthBuilder and how it has been a leading investment bond for over 20 years.

Investment bonds and super

Noel and Sue chat about the perfect alternative to super.

A wide range of uses

Understanding how bonds can be widely used.

The non-super tax structure

Embrace investment bonds as simply the non-super tax structure.

Tax advantages and the 125% rule

Noel and Sue chat about the tax advantages and the 125% rule.

Tax advantages and the 125% rule

Noel and Sue chat about the tax advantages and the 125% rule.

You make it sound so simple Sue!

Sue explains the non-super tax structure in the simplest terms.

Managed funds and being tax-effective

Noel and Sue chat about Managed funds and being tax-effective.

The loan facility

How to make your money work smarter and harder plus the importance of getting good advice.

Noel, his book and the need to re-educate advisers

Noel Whittaker speaks about his book 25 years of Whitt and Wisdom and how two pages can change your life!

The Investment Series TV Show

Hear from our investment specialist, Sue Herald.