Loan facility

IOOF WealthBuilder

Secure a loan against your IOOF WealthBuilder account to accelerate your potential earnings

Definitions or features and benefits

  • You may accelerate your earnings potential.
  • Up to 90 per cent of the investment value within IOOF WealthBuilder is available for loan (depending on fund option).
  • Competitive interest rates (generally lower than offered by margin lending facilities).
  • Two loan interest rate options: fixed or variable.
  • Currently no loan fees (establishment or ongoing) are charged to investors and no stamp duty is levied on the loan.

Access additional funds

An investment gearing strategy gives investors the opportunity to accelerate their wealth by using the value of their original investment to access additional funds to invest in more income-producing assets.

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Current interest rates

  Rates from 1 October 2020
Fixed rate paid annually in advance 1.3650% pa*
Quarterly variable rate paid annually in arrears   1.0916% pa*

*Rates are updated quarterly.

Download our IOOF WealthBuilder loan facility flyer

Current borrowing limits

The current borrowing limits against holdings in each IOOF WealthBuilder optionsMaximum borrowing limit
IOOF WealthBuilder Cash Management – IOOF 90%
IOOF WealthBuilder Income – Janus Henderson 80%
IOOF WealthBuilder Conservative – IOOF MultiMix
IOOF WealthBuilder Moderate – IOOF MultiMix
IOOF WealthBuilder Balanced Growth – IOOF MultiMix
IOOF WealthBuilder Growth – IOOF MultiMix
IOOF WealthBuilder Australian Shares Core – Fidelity
IOOF WealthBuilder Australian Shares Index – Vanguard
IOOF WealthBuilder International Shares – Magellan
IOOF WealthBuilder International Shares – Platinum
IOOF WealthBuilder International Shares Hedged – Walter Scott
IOOF WealthBuilder International Shares Index – Vanguard
IOOF WealthBuilder International Property Index – Vanguard
IOOF WealthBuilder Australian Shares Emerging Leaders – Ausbil
IOOF WealthBuilder Australian Shares Long Short – Perpetual 60%

Note: Borrowing limits are subject to change from time to time without notice to investors.
The Loan Facility is not available for IOOF WealthBuilder Australian Shares Geared - Colonial First State.

The current borrowing limits against holdings in other IOOF WealthBuilder options (closed to new investors)Maximum borrowing limit
Easy Choice Options 
Capital Guaranteed Fund
Cash Fund
Fixed Interest Fund 
Capital Stable Fund 80%
Balanced Fund 70%
Australian Shares Fund
High Growth Fund
Custom Choice Options 
Australian Shares Fund – MultiMix
Smaller Companies Fund – Perennial
High Conviction Shares Fund – Perennial
International Shares Fund – MultiMix
Global Property Securities Fund – Perennial
Global Shares High Alpha Fund – Perennial 

Note: Borrowing limits are subject to change from time to time without notice to investors.

Loan repayments

Loan repayments can be made by cheque or BPAY®.

BPAY® provides a secure and convenient way to make your loan repayments through telephone or internet banking. The Biller Codes for the Loan Facility are listed in the Guide to making payments via BPAY document.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.