Portfolio Online

Portfolio Online is the secure, online portal for IOOF Pursuit, IOOF Portfolio Service and LifeTrack.

Manage and transact on your clients’ accounts quickly and easily using the smart online functionality available through Portfolio Online.

This secure online portal allows you to transact on all investments in one place, place simultaneous buy/sell orders, manage corporate actions, submit portfolio re-weights and much more.



Advanced trading portal

Advanced trading portal incorporates a user-friendly Order Pad for transacting and an Order Monitor to track and monitor transactions.

Transact on all investments in one place

Place all buy and sell transactions for managed funds, shares and term deposits (buy only) in one place via the Order Pad.

Buy and sell simultaneously

Place a buy order with the proceeds of a sell order immediately, without waiting for the proceeds to clear.

Built-in validations

Built-in validations generate immediate prompts when a client's account overdraws available cash or reaches its investment limit, amongst others.

Share trading

Straight through processing allows you to trade shares and view contract note details in real time. You can also make income elections (e.g. cash or DRP) via the Order Pad for all new share purchases.

Corporate Actions portal

Easily manage corporate actions for eligible clients without the need for manual communications and paperwork.

Online withdrawal portal

Save time by making partial withdrawals online and give clients access to their money faster.

Maturing investments portal

Easily identify clients with maturing investments and submit instructions for individual or multiple accounts online in a matter of minutes.

Re-weight portal

Choose how you wish to re-weight your client portfolios seamlessly right now, or at a future date, with ease.

Online withdrawals for super/accumulation accounts can only be completed online should the client have unrestricted non-preserved funds available. Transition to retirement pension clients will have access once the client has met a condition of release and the account is changed to an account based pension.

A range of information guides are available from the Tools and resources menu within Portfolio Online.

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