Trustee services

Establish a trust tailored to your needs

Trusts are valuable structures that can provide protection for the assets of your family, children, elderly relatives or people with an intellectual disability


  • Trust: A trust is simply an ownership structure – the assets of the trust are owned by one person or organisation (the trustee) but held for the benefit of other individuals or organisations (the beneficiaries).

You and your financial adviser can access specialist trustee services via the trustee division of IOOF, Australian Executor Trustees (AET).

AET is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced trustee providers, with a long, proud history spanning over 140 years.

Working with your adviser, AET can establish and manage a trust tailored to your individual requirements and make sure it works in the best interests of the beneficiaries.

Services available

  • Compensation trusts for managing and protecting a personal injury payment.
  • Testamentary discretionary trusts that are created within your Will but do not take effect until after you die.
  • Family trusts (living or inter vivos trusts) that are created by a deed and commence during your lifetime – AET don’t prepare these in-house but can facilitate their preparation.
  • Testamentary life interest trusts.
  • Education trusts for your children or grandchildren.
  • Trustee services for people with an intellectual disability.
  • Trustee services for Aboriginal communities.

For more information about AET's trustee services

Speak to your adviser or call AET on 1800 882 218