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  • Executor: A person, or organisation, who is responsible for carrying out the wishes outlined in a Will.

The role of executor is complicated and demanding.  It is often a time-consuming, complex task that must be performed during a potentially difficult and emotional time.

The executor is responsible for administering your entire estate – from identifying, managing and protecting all assets to paying debts – until the process is complete.

You can alleviate the burden of administering an estate by accessing a range of executor services via the trustee division of IOOF, Australian Executor Trustees.

AET is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced trustee providers, with a long, proud history spanning over 130 years.

AET’s executor services may be suitable for you if:

  • you are looking to appoint an executor to your estate
  • you have been appointed as executor of an estate and want help managing the administration of a loved one’s estate.

Services available

You have two options when it comes to selecting an executor of your estate. You can choose:

  • an individual (either a family member or friend), or
  • a professional trustee company.

Selecting a professional trustee company, such as AET, as your executor or co-executor will spare your family and friends the pressure of carrying out the wishes outlined in your Will – giving them peace of mind at a potentially difficult time.

It could also prevent your estate from potential losses it could face if the executor you select does not have the required skills.

If you have been named as executor of an estate, it is important that you understand your wide-ranging duties and legal obligations.

AET’s premium Executor Assist service can help you with the difficult task of administration while you retain full control over the process.

In providing estate administration services, AET deals with third parties (such as government departments, courts, banks, share registries, insurance companies, lawyers and accountants) and beneficiaries to ensure the estate is administered in line with the wishes of the deceased.

AET’s attorney services help you if, due to your age or loss of capacity, you are no longer able to manage some or all of your affairs, or if you simply choose not to manage your own affairs for lifestyle reasons.

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