Corporate trust services

We provide specialist corporate trust services via the trustee division of IOOF, Australian Executor Trustees (AET).

AET is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced trustee providers, with a long, proud history spanning over 135 years.

Today, AET is a leading provider of quality corporate trust services to the financial services industry in Australia.

Services available

Custody and trustee service

AET’s custody and trustee services include:

  • holding assets in safe-keeping on behalf of managed investment schemes and wholesale clients
  • providing operational settlement support and document custody.

Debt capital markets

AET’s debt capital market services include acting as:

  • trustee
  • security trustee
  • issuing and paying agent
  • facility agent
  • special purpose vehicle (SPV) corporate governance and directorships.


  • debt funding
  • securitisation programs
  • public-private partnerships (PPP) and structured products
  • note trustee for retail and wholesale note issues.

Agency services

AET’s agency services include acting as:

  • facility agent on corporate debt funding
  • issuing and paying agent on structured finance transactions
  • claims agent and process agent for offshore issuers into the Australian market that need a local address for notices.

For more information about AET’s corporate trust services

Contact Glenn White, Senior Manager, Business Development on 02 9028 5922 or email