Welcome to the Flight Centre Travel Group Superannuation Plan

We have chosen to partner with IOOF to provide you with a super solution that simply stacks up. With IOOF Employer Super, you get investment choice, flexible insurance options, online access and fees that are simple, transparent and competitive. You also benefit from true lifetime support – not just from now until you retire but beyond that, when you want to draw an income from your super savings.  We know you work hard for your super and we want to ensure that your super works hard for you.  After all – it's one of the largest investments you’ll ever make and we want your retirement dreams to become a reality.

talkingsuper is a newsletter designed to provide you with a quarterly summary of general superannuation issues, investment markets and the performance of IOOF Employer Super. Click here to read.

Your super is one of the most important investments you'll ever make so you want to make sure your hard earned money is invested in the right fund. IOOF Employer Super is the chosen fund for Flighties, offering you a premium super solution with a wide choice of investments, tailored insurance options, competitive fees and personalised service.

Joining the fund is easy:

  1. Download and read the PDS
  2. Complete the Choice of Fund form
  3. Return it to Payroll

Super is one of your biggest investments and it’s important to remember that it could have a major effect on your family’s future in the event of your death. That's why it’s so important to ensure that you have nominated your desired beneficiaries. Find out more.

If you have more than one account, you’re paying on average more than $500* every year in fees and insurance premiums you don’t need to. You wouldn’t pay it from your savings account and you shouldn’t pay it from your super. We’ll help you find all your super – even the super you didn’t know you had, and get it all into one place!

Log on to flightcentre.ioofonline.com.au, go to find and consolidate your super on the home page and follow the prompts.

*Australian Taxation Office – Australians losing thousands in super fees annually, 2015

IOOF offers great family benefits and this extends to IOOF Employer Super, where your spouse and immediate family members can enjoy the same benefits as you, including applying for insurance through their own IOOF Employer Super account. Download the application form.

Did you know that while we expect to spend 23 years in retirement, our money is likely to run out after only just ten years? This gap, between where your retirement savings are and where you want them to be, is real. Knowing you have a gap is the first step to closing it. Use our retirement gap calculator and in less than five minutes you’ll be able to see if your means support your dreams. We’ll also show ways of how you can close the retirement gap.

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