IOOF WealthBuilder Investment Bond Calculator

Growing wealth to support your dreams

IOOF WealthBuilder gives you the ability to save or invest towards a goal while still being able to access your money at any time.

You can start investing with as little as $500 with a Regular Savings Plan (RSP). The RSP allows you to organise regular direct debits from your financial institution account on a monthly basis.

It's tax paid while invested, so there is no assessable income. Withdrawals made after the 10 year tax period are free of personal income tax.

Tax on investment earnings is paid by IOOF at the current company tax rate of 30%. And all returns from the investment while invested, and upon withdrawal after the 10 year tax period, do not need to be included in personal income tax returns.

The IOOF WealthBuilder calculator will guide you through illustrative examples based on specified assumptions to assist you in the ability to save or invest towards a specific goal and how you can access this money at any time.