New: Super investments knowledge pod

Our ‘Super investments’ knowledge pod is part of Money Insights Central, our online education centre that includes videos, guides and calculators.

This new knowledge pod will take you through:

  • the importance of choosing the right investment in super
  • the types of investment options available and how these may change from fund to fund
  • your attitude to risk
  • why it’s important to invest according to your timeframe and to diversify your investments to spread your risk
  • calculating what your super may be worth at retirement
  • the importance of seeking professional advice

It also includes a case study and links to further information.

Our other knowledge pods cover topics such as insurance through super, retirement basics, types of investments and more.

To access, please log into your account and click on the Money Insights Central banner on the summary page or link directly to Money Insights Central or the Super investments knowledge pod.