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Is my organisation eligible?

The IOOF Foundation can only make grants to charitable organisations with a Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR) Item 1.

How can I find out if we have the right tax status?

The Australian Government's Australian Business Register at enables you to search your organisation's name or ABN and see whether it is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR) and Tax Concession Charity (TCC).

Does a grant include GST?

As a general rule, IOOF Foundation does not intend to include the GST incurred by an organisation for the purchase of equipment or provision of services to the community in any gifts. It is presumed your organisation is registered for the GST and therefore you are able to reclaim this amount. All grants are GST exclusive.


How do I apply for a grant?

If you are interested in applying for a grant from the IOOF Foundation, you will be required to submit an online application form.

In most cases this form provides sufficient information to determine whether the request is one that can be progressed to a submission for Directors consideration.

If required, we may request additional information such as:

  • A copy of the latest annual report
  • Audited financial statements
  • Constitution including Objectives/Statement of Purposes.

What is the funding period?

Small grants are generally provided for a one year period.

General grants have the option to have a multi-year funding of two years, additional funding will only be considered by invitation after the application is reviewed.

Multi-year funding is subject to a satisfactory progress reports and if required, a further application may be required to continue the grant.

Will the IOOF Foundation fund long term projects?

Multi-year projects are considered, we recognises that many projects need to be for a substantial term if they are to succeed.

What do we do if our project fits into more than one criteria?

We suggest that you apply to the area that you think it best fits and we will reallocate to a different area internally if we believe that it is necessary or more suitable.

What if my organisation doesn’t have an Annual Report?

You should note this in your application form and if your organisation has a Newsletter, Bulletin or Minutes from the Annual General Meeting these can be included as an alternative. This information helps our reviewers to get a picture of the people within the organisation and the activities being undertaken. All recipients must provide the latest audited financial statements.

What should I do if my organisation’s circumstances or funding situation changes – for example if we secure funding from another source for the same activity as we have applied for?

Please email with details of the change. We will consider the circumstances on a case by case basis.

Our organisation has many funding needs. What should we apply for?

We recommend that you apply for your organisation’s greatest need.

Post Application

What happens once the application is received?

Each application is logged into our data system and after an initial review we may contact you to request further information, discuss the project, or make an appointment to meet you, especially if it is for a larger grant. Projects are then short-listed for discussion and a final set of recommendations are compiled for submission to the Directors for approval.

If my application has been declined can I re-apply?

Only if you are seeking money for a different project or have received pre-approval.

When will we find out if the application was successful?

Generally, the process of evaluation, assessment and approval takes approximately three – four months. You will be notified via email whether or not you have been successful.

What feedback can you give me on our organisation’s application?

Due to the large number of applications we receive, we are not always able to provide individual feedback.

Can we meet with the IOOF Foundation during the assessment period?

We will endeavour to meet all applicants that are invited to progress. As we assess a large number of applications, unfortunately we are unable to meet with all non-profit organisations during the application process.


Are there any obligations if a grant is awarded?

All grants are made subject to the terms and conditions of the IOOF Grant Agreement. The IOOF Grant Agreement outlines obligations for grantees, such as reporting and evaluation.

What happens if I don’t comply with the reporting requirements?

Failure to comply with the reporting requirements of activities funded will result in your organisation being declared ineligible for funding in future funding rounds (until the report is received).