The Portfolio Service

The Portfolio Service (TPS) is a closed product. All TPS accounts will transition to Pursuit Select in June 2016.

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As the platform for the IOOF Advice Division aligned planners, The Portfolio Service offers a range of flexible superannuation, pension and investment products that have been designed to suit clients’ advice needs as well as their level of investment sophistication. Clients can move seamlessly between our products, without incurring capital gains tax (within the same legal structure of the product) so when their circumstances change, so can their choice of investment.

To cater for all clients, The Portfolio Service offers an Essentials range of products, a Plus range of products, a self-managed super fund as well as a pension. So whether your clients are young and just starting out, more established or starting to think about retirement, The Portfolio Service has the solution.

Essentials range – keeping it simple

The Super Essentials and Investment Essentials products are low cost solutions that provide access to 90 managed investment options. They have been designed to suit the less active clients; those who want investment choice but do not want to actively trade, such as scaled advice clients.

Plus range – more features, more flexibility

The Super Plus and Investment Plus products provide access to over 250 investment options as well as direct shares and have been designed for active clients; those with more sophisticated investment needs who require a full service model.

Self-managed Super – for the DIY investor

The Portfolio Service self-managed super fund provides an end-to-end fund establishment and administration service.  While your clients retain their trustee responsibilities, this service provides administration support for accumulation accounts, transition to retirement pensions and account-based pensions, including tax administration and end-of-financial-year services.

Retirement Income Plan – a one size fits all solution

The Retirement Income Plan offers an account-based pension that allows clients to convert their super into a tax-effective income stream, as well as a transition to retirement pension, allowing clients access to their super while they are still working.  This product has been designed for clients who, with the assistance of their planner, want to be actively involved in their retirement.

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