AustChoice Super – Employer and Personal Divisions are no longer open to new business. All new employers and new employees of existing employers are directed to our flagship corporate platform, IOOF Employer Super. Existing AustChoice Super employers and members will continue to have their financial needs met. We continue to offer you access to a straightforward retirement savings vehicle.

If you leave your employer you can still remain in AustChoice Super. As the AustChoice Super pension is closed to new members, if you are interested in a pension, you should consider an IOOF Employer Super pension.

AustChoice Super continues to provide you with a wide range of investment and insurance options, regular reporting, efficient administration and access to the IOOF client services team.

Speak to your financial adviser for guidance on which of our super products is best to help you reach your retirement savings goals.

AustChoice has its own website, click here to learn more about AustChoice Super.