Multi-manager solutions


A multi-manager fund essentially means that, in each fund, we've selected a number of specialist investment managers to manage different elements of the portfolio.

The IOOF multi-manager range is divided into two categories:

Single-sector funds

As the name suggests, each fund invests in a single asset class. For example, the IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust only invests in Australian shares, however we have chosen seven different managers to do this. Each manager specialises in a certain type of investing and together, they create a portfolio designed to extract the best possible return from the Australian market while managing downside risk.

Diversified funds

Diversified funds invest across a range of asset classes. For example, the IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust invests in:

  • Australian shares
  • international shares
  • fixed interest
  • cash
  • property
  • alternative debt and equity

Each asset class is managed by a number of different specialist managers.

Diversified funds make it easy to invest in a well-constructed, well-diversified portfolio of assets that is managed and monitored on a daily basis. And there is a range of diversified funds that are set up to cater for different risk appetites, from defensive to high growth.

More information

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  • CLICK HERE - for more detail on the underlying managers within the IOOF multi-manager trusts.