Our investment funds


IOOF offers a range of investment funds that are designed to help you achieve your investment objectives. We offer multi-manager funds through IOOF MultiSeries and IOOF MultiMix and we have a specialist investment manager in Perennial Investment Partners Ltd (Perennial).

IOOF MultiMix Trusts

Constructing a properly diversified portfolio that suits your risk profile is not easy. With thousands of investment managers to choose from globally, selecting the right combination can be time consuming.

IOOF's MultiMix Trusts simplify the investment selection process for investors by providing access to a team of experienced investment professionals who are dedicated to identifying, blending and monitoring investment managers.

By offering a range of trusts specifically designed to be matched to your approach to investment risk and preferred investment timeframe, IOOF MultiMix strives to improve your investment returns over the long term whilst achieving a diversified investment portfolio.

A detailed explanation of how multi-manager funds work can be found here


Perennial is our specialist investment manager and one of the most respected managers in Australia. They offer a suite of investment products across a range of asset classes. They also form a core part of the IOOF MultiMix range of Trusts as they are one of the underlying managers used in many of our single-sector and diversified MultiMix Trusts.

Click here to visit the Perennial website.

Resolution Capital

Resolution Capital is a specialist investment manager that focuses on managing portfolios of global and Australian listed real estate securities. Resolution Capital was established in 2004 and is based in Sydney, with offices in London and New York. Resolution Capital has established a differentiated approach to real estate securities investment. Our disciplined investment process emphasises a global perspective and focuses on long term wealth preservation and appreciation.

For more information, please visit the Resolution Capital website.


Pinnacle is a multi-affiliate investment management firm. Our mission is to establish, grow and support a diverse stable of world-class fund managers. The Pinnacle group currently consists of seven specialist managers, which together manage over A$12 billion across a range of asset classes.

For more information, please visit the Pinnacle website.