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Portfolio Online provides allows you to manage the following products:
  • IOOF MultiMix
  • IOOF Portfolio Service
  • IOOF Pursuit
  • IOOF WealthBuilder
  • LifeTrack

Portfolio Online is IOOF’s web-based portfolio management tool for advisers, investors and employers who hold IOOF products. You can access a range of financial tools and reports to make the management of portfolios and funds easier.

Portfolio Online provides transacting capability and a range of information including:

  • Online Switching - allows switching between investment options online (for advisers, corporate and employer superannuation members only)
  • Portfolio summary - view the value of each investment option and the total value of the portfolio
  • Account transactions - view all transactions including deposits/contributions, payments/withdrawals and investment earnings. These are updated daily with the latest unit holdings and current unit prices
  • Account information - view insurance, superannuation and pension details as well as information about regular savings and withdrawal plans
  • Reports–a huge range of reports are available. Some of the most popular include portfolio history, transaction details, asset allocation and account performance.

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