Our investment products

IOOF offers a range of investment products designed to suit the varied needs of people looking to invest outside of the superannuation environment. Our investment administration platforms offer access to a comprehensive menu of underlying investment options, insurance to protect your loved ones, online and paper-based reporting and industry-leading customer service and support.

IOOF WealthBuilder

IOOF WealthBuilder is a great option if you’re looking to minimise the tax you pay on your savings. When you invest through WealthBuilder, any income is taxed within WealthBuilder at the corporate rate. This could provide three advantages – the corporate tax rate may be lower than your personal tax rate, and where you hold the investment for greater than 10 years, you don’t have to declare anything on your tax return in respect of your WealthBuilder investment and  no capital gains tax is payable on redemption.  So it can potentially reduce tax and make your life just that little bit easier.

IOOF Pursuit

IOOF Pursuit Select Investment Service is our flagship personal investment product which offers you a comprehensive investment management and administration service to help you achieve your financial goals.

The Portfolio Service

The Portfolio Service is a product we’ve designed specifically to meet the needs of our aligned financial advisers and their clients. It comes in two versions to meet the needs of different types of clients.

Investment Essentials is a simple, yet flexible, investment solution for clients looking to grow their wealth.

Personal Investment Plan offers a comprehensive menu of investment options and is designed for clients who want to be actively involved in their investments. 

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