Our investment funds


IOOF offers a range of investment funds that are designed to help you achieve your investment objectives. We offer multi-manager funds through IOOF MultiSeries and IOOF MultiMix.

IOOF Multi-Manager

IOOF's multi-manager funds simplify the investment selection process for you by providing access to a team of experienced investment professionals who are dedicated to identifying, blending and monitoring investment managers. IOOF MultiSeries and IOOF MultiMix strives to improve your investment returns over the long term whilst achieving a diversified investment portfolio.

IOOF MultiSeries

IOOF MultiSeries is a range of funds that are predominantly actively managed and offered at a lower cost when compared to other active funds.

The naming reflects the growth asset exposure and was chosen for its simplicity and transparency, and will cater to all different client segments and differing risk profiles.

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IOOF MultiMix

IOOF MultiMix is our premium range of fully-active multi-manager funds designed specifically for those who don’t want to compromise on active management.

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Diversified funds

Single asset funds

IOOF MultiSeries and IOOF MultiMix can be accessed through various platforms including IOOF Pursuit and IOOF Employer Super.