Trustee services

Trusts are valuable estate planning tools. A trust structure merely describes the ownership structure - the assets of the trust are owned by one person or organisation (the trustee) but held for the benefit of other individuals or organisations (the beneficiaries). Trusts allow you to create a beneficial tax structure which can also provide protection for the assets of minor children or the disabled.

Part of the IOOF group, Australian Executor Trustees (AET) is a specialist provider of trustee services and offers a range of trust structures:

  • Compensation trusts for the management and protection of a personal injury payment.
  • Testamentary discretionary trusts are created within, and by, your Will but do not take effect until after your death.
  • Family trusts (living or ‘inter-vivos’ trusts’) are created by deed and commence during your lifetime.
  • Life interest trusts.
  • Education trusts for children or grandchildren. 

If you would like to find out more about the trustee services available through Australian Executor Trustees, please speak to your financial adviser, visit the website or contact us.