AET small APRA fund (AET SAF)

Do you have clients who want to take control of their super but don’t have the time or inclination to be a trustee?  Or perhaps they aren’t eligible to be a trustee?

A small APRA fund (SAF) is a self-managed super solution that allows you to offer your clients a solution.  As an alternative to an SMSF, a SAF gives your clients the opportunity to take control of their super by having their own fund, but without having to shoulder the burden of trustee responsibilities – a professional trustee company takes on that responsibility for them.

Using the AET SAF your clients can enjoy the freedom of investment choice with all the benefits of a super wrap service:

  • AET is the professional trustee of your clients’ funds and your clients are not responsible for its compliance.
  • You have access to your clients’ investment administration through one simple platform.
  • Your clients have access to a broad investment menu, including wholesale managed funds.
  • Through the online portal AET My Portfolio, you have access to sophisticated online reporting so you can keep up-to-date with your clients’ accounts.
  • Your clients benefit from efficient tax planning -  all tax credits are passed back to each fund rather than pooled with all other funds.
  • Your clients can move from accumulation phase to pension phase without triggering a CGT event and without having to restart their portfolio.

Support for you to help you develop and grow your practice

To help you expand the superannuation services you offer your clients and build a strong client base, AET has a dedicated national team of business development managers as well as knowledgeable client service and technical services teams. So, if you have any general enquiries about SAFs or SMSFs, help for you and your clients is just a telephone call away.

Visit the AET website for more information about the AET SAF offering or contact AET.