Platforms, products and services

IOOF has a range of platforms and products to help your clients achieve their financial goals.

IOOF Pursuit

IOOF Pursuit offers a range of flexible super, pension and investment products. Pursuit has different models to provide you with flexibility when managing your clients' accounts to meet a range of client needs.

  • IOOF Pursuit Focus - offers low-cost access to our suite of multi-manager trusts that are managed by IOOF's team of skilled and experienced investment professionals.
  • IOOF Pursuit Select - IOOF Pursuit Select offers greater functionality and an extensive investment suite to provide more control and involvement in the investment process.

IOOF Employer Super

IOOF Employer Super provides your employer clients a full range of superannuation services as well as the tools they need to run their default plan with a minimum of effort.

IOOF WealthBuilder

You can offer your clients our unique tax-effective investment bond through IOOF WealthBuilder. It offers a simple investment solution with diversified and single sector investment options, which can be used for a number of purposes.

Portfolio Administrator Wrap

The Portfolio Administrator solution is based on a reducing portfolio fee structure. It suits higher net worth clients with a very competitive base rate card and investment strategies where advisers are using sector specific funds and direct shares. The wrap includes superannuation, pension and investment options.

AssetLink Wrap

The AssetLink solution is based on a reducing per holding fee structure, with fee tiers applied to each fund or share in the portfolio. This option suits advisers who use multi-manager or index funds in their investment approach, using fewer funds larger in size. The wrap includes superannuation, pension and investment options.

The Portfolio Service

The Portfolio Service offers a range of products to suit your clients' needs. It includes a low-cost Essentials range, a Plus range for clients requiring full advice, a self-managed super fund and a pension product.


The AET's SMSF allows you to offer your clients a complete self-managed superannuation fund establishment and administration service and with less work for you.


AET's SAF (small APRA fund) gives your clients the opportunity to take control of their super by having their own fund, but without the burden of trustee responsibilities.