Australians are known for their generous nature and support of worthwhile causes. In fact, the Charities Aid Foundation lists Australasia first in the World Giving Index.

Our philanthropic services can be delivered in partnership with you, your client’s trusted adviser. The services offered by Australian Executor Trustees allow you to help your clients perpetuate their giving, either during their lifetime or once they have gone, or both:

  • A Private Ancillary Fund structure can be created during your client’s lifetime and provides tax concessions.
  • A charitable trust giving structure can be established within your client’s Will and allows your clients’ giving to continue after they have gone.

The beauty of either of these trust structures is that your clients can achieve everlasting benefits through their own personalised giving program that will carry on in their name and support the causes that are dearest to them.

Australian Executor Trustees is a leading provider of Trustee services in Australia. If you would like to find out more about the philanthropic services available, please visit the website