Corporate trusts

The role of a corporate trustee is to act as an independent party and provide supervisory and custodian services to business clients. 

As part of the IOOF group, the Corporate Trust division of Australian Executor Trustees (AET) is a respected provider of corporate trustee services to the financial services industry.

The range of services offered by AET is diverse and includes: 

  • Custody services - AET holds assets on behalf of clients (for example managed investment schemes, wholesale trusts and private equity funds).
  • Trustee services - AET acts as trustee for Wholesale Trusts (such as staff share plans and Managed Investment Trusts).
  • Security trustee services and facility agent for debt financing – AET acts as security trustee and facility agent on behalf of lenders to corporates or infrastructure transactions.
  • Note trustee for retail issues – the issuers of retail bonds are required to appoint a trustee (such as AET) and enter into a trust deed to ensure that the funds raised are applied in accordance with the trust deed.
  • Escrow agent – AET holds property or cash on behalf of clients during a transaction or following a dispute.
  • Processing agent – offshore issuers into Australia require an Australian address for service of notices. AET is able to receive notices and onforward them to the client.

AET’s experienced and professional staff have been working in the industry for many years. Not only can they offer expertise in the provision of specialist trustee and custodian services, but they also work closely with other specialist service providers to ensure the client’s requirements are fulfilled.

To find out more about the Corporate Trust services offered by Australian Executor Trustees, please visit the AET website