Media articles

The power of being equalIOOF Technical Services teamDec 2016
SAFs can provide powerful estate planning solutionsJulie SteedDec 2016
Residential care and renting out what you need to knowWilliam TruongDec 2016
Get a head start on the complex new super worldJosh RundmannNov 2016
Reform passage heralds new era for superJosh RundmannNov 2016
Seven month window of opportunity on super contributionsKate AndersonNov 2016
One on one with…Kate AndersonKate AndersonNov 2016
Is superannuation a part of your clients’ estate plans?IOOF Technical Services teamNov 2016
Aged care advice in its infancyLing WangOct 2016
IOOF Analysis - Third tranche of draft super reforms releasedPam RobertsOct 2016
When SMSF members head for the exitJulie SteedOct 2016
Navigating NALI with trusts and private company dividendsJulie SteedOct 2016
Time to consider super splitting strategiesKate AndersonOct 2016
Conundrum over death benefit discrepancyJosh RundmannSep 2016
Second tranche of draft super reforms releasedJosh RundmannSep 2016
IOOF Second tranche of draft super reforms released – remaining mattersIOOF Technical Services teamSep 2016
IOOF Employer Super awarded CANSTAR five-star ratingSteve BlackSep 2016
IOOF analysis - Budget super reformsMartin BreckonSep 2016
Govt definition of super not adequatePam RobertsSep 2016
Industry welcomes draft super reformsPam RobertsSep 2016
Industry welcomes draft super reformsPam RobertsSep 2016
Advisers must prepare as pension changes loomJosh RundmannSep 2016
The other self managed super fundsJulie SteedSep 2016
SAFs may eliminate conflictsJulie SteedAug 2016
Clarity the key on super cap exemptionsJosh RundmannAug 2016
Predictions for how super proposals will fare post-electionPam RobertsAug 2016
Super changes need fractious Senate supportKate AndersonAug 2016
Fractured Senate to pose challenge for super reformsKate AndersonAug 2016
Pension changes will impact retirement adequacyJosh RundmannAug 2016
Fractured Senate a challenge for super reformsKate AndersonAug 2016
Looking forward: the new Turnbull GovernmentKate AndersonAug 2016
Super reforms further disadvantage womenPam RobertsAug 2016
Super changes to widen super gender gapPam RobertsAug 2016
Women face brunt of lower concessional capPam RobertsAug 2016
Lower concessional contributions will affect womenPam RobertsAug 2016
How the Budget Super changes are yet another blow to an adequate retirement for womenPam RobertsAug 2016
Advisers concerned over Age Pension assets testJosh RundmannAug 2016
Opinion - Election delivers more doubtsMartin BreckonJul 2016
Messy election to take toll on Aussie economyMartin BreckonJul 2016
Messy election will weigh on economyMartin BreckonJul 2016
Election 2016:Uncertainty remains for financial services sectorMartin BreckonJul 2016
Whichever party forms Government must consultMartin BreckonJul 2016
Pension caps under the new budget proposalsKate AndersonJun 2016
When charitable gifting makes tax-effective senseWilliam TruongMay 2016
Federal Budget 2016-17: A review of the changesJosh RundmannMay 2016
Budget super changes a win for womenKate AndersonMay 2016
Budget 2016: Key technical and advice implicationsIOOF Technical Services teamMay 2016
Federal budget prompts investors to look for alternative investment structures to superIOOF Technical Services teamMay 2016
Advisers encouraged to review changes carefullyIOOF Technical Services teamMay 2016
All industry eyes on federal budgetMartin BreckonMay 2016
Mythbuster – Insurance band and age care Josh RundmannApr 2016
The 2016-17 Federal Budget: Bridging the gender retirement gapLing WangApr 2016
The importance of binding death nominations for an SMSF (video)Kate AndersonMar 2016
Financial observer budget must shift retirement goalposts Ling WangMar 2016
Federal Budget: What the Government will and could consider: Professional Planner Ling Wang Mar 2016
What the Government will and could consider in the upcoming Federal Budget: Adviser Voice Ling Wang Mar 2016
SMSF death wishes may not be fulfilled Julie Steed Mar 2016
Claiming contribution tax deductions on Martin Breckon  Mar 2016
Government response to the financial systems inquiry Pam Roberts Jan 2016

Media Articles – 2014

Title Author Date
Deeming on account-based pensions: a modelling perspective William Truong Nov 2014
In pursuit of life insurance in super Martin Breckon Oct 2014
Aged care and the family home William Truong Jun 2014
A fresh look at investment bonds Damien Hearn May 2014